Lost in the studio! by Jamieson Thomas

It is easy to get lost in the studio painting and forget to come up for air, especially when asked to do something totally new as the featured artist for a gallery exhibit. While I loved working on a totally new grouping, I left several pieces at different stages of completion and learned that it is very hard to find the rhythm of those pieces again. Another lesson learned for the future. I will always weigh out the advantages and disadvantages but now I have learned one more thing to consider. Like anything, every day offers a learning experience. Now to get back to gulls and windows and a little surrealism.

Well, I exited 2014 and got lost in the twilight zone. by Jamieson Thomas

My first post of 2015 and we are 4 months into the year. The good news is that I am painting.

Today I am far from calm because I am concerned that I HAVE over committed. I have a way of doing that, but then, miraculously I come through. I've included a photo from my gallery of one of the paintings I just started to include in the "Incredible Edibles" exhibit. I'm actually working on two paintings at a time so that I can let one dry a bit before glazing. I am the featured artist at this exhibit at the SOBO Gallery, 127 S Boyd St, Winter Garden, FL 34787, opening on May 7, 2015.

Have you ever accepted to be a featured artist without a single painting that fits the theme less than one month away from the opening. I'm crazy right!? Stay tuned to see if  can pull off this amazing feat! I am working on an 8 foot tall  sunflower along with plans for 10-12 paintings. I have just uploaded four of the images to my website.  I'm halfway there with a week to go! Take a look and let me know what you think.

The most pressing news for the day is that McCrae Art Studios, my home away from home, will have it's Spring open house on Friday, May 1st from 5 - 10 pm, 904 Railroad Avenu, Winter Park, Florida. That is this Friday! Please mark your calendar and come by and say hello if you are in the area.